List of products by manufacturer DO Guijuelo

The denomination of origin "guijuelo" comprises the South-East of the province of salamanca, area in which environmental factors result in obtaining a product with qualities.

The production involved in the appellation area encompasses several counties located within four autonomous communities, located in the part West of the plateau.
the landscape of the area is very different and of great contrasts, due to the large expanse of the corresponding production area and the diversity of regions. crossed by the central cordilleras, montes de toledo and sierra morena contrasts with Plains, lomas and valleys of gentle slopes and mountains of small altitude.
soils in the areas where most of the holm oak wood pastures, sit have been formed over siliceous materials, granite rocks and large tracts of Shales and sandstones. they are little deep and rocky soils.
the climate is continental, winters long and cold, with a period of frost; Summers are dry and hot with strong temperature fluctuations.
in terms of the rainfall regime, rains occur seasonally coinciding with the autumn and winter, this zone, the driest province.
These conditions of humidity and temperature are excellent for the production of quality hams.